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CSD Officials



Name of CRM OfficialsTel No.Fax No. Designation Email Address
Head Office
Mrs G Shobha Reddy NA NA General Manager
Mrs Anita Das 8335080218 NA Chief Manager
Mr Monoranjan Patnaik 8335080613 NA Manager
Mr Utkarsh Gupta 8335080391 NA Administrative Officer
Mr Amit Kumar Ghosh 8336939035 NA Administrative Officer
CRMD-Helpline (Toll free) 18003454033 NA 033-22831742
H.O- 3 Middleton Street 033-22831760 NA NA NA
Calcutta Regional Office I
Mr B K Nayak 8335080196 NA Deputy General Manager
Mr Ramesh Kaul 9643003626 NA Regional Manager
Mr Soumitra Chowdhury 8335080637 NA Adminsitrative Officer
Calcutta Regional Office II
Mr D Das 8335080214 NA Dy General Manager
Mr Bibekananda Panda 8335080249 NA Regional Manager
Mr Shomee Roy 8335080128 NA Dy. Manager
Ms Anita Reshma Xalxo 8335080778 NA Asst Manager
Bhubaneswar Regional Office
Mr Sukanta Mishra 8335080146 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Anjan Kumar Brahma 8335080327 NA Regional Manager
Mr D .P.Senapaty 8599010502 NA Manager
Mr M.K.Sahu 8599010486 NA Dy. Manager
Patna Regional Office
Mr.Anurag Mishra 7704900264 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr.S.K.Tewary 8392954541 NA Regional Manager
Mr.Binoy Kumar 8405802555 NA Manager
Mr.Pawan Kumar 8405802523 NA Adminsitrative Officer
Guwahati Regional Office
Mr Chiranjib Das 7799901790 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Bikram Singh 8599010596 NA Regional Manager
Mr Newton Gogoi 8404050221 NA Manager
Ms Arpita Bhuyan 8811092668 NA Administrative Officer
Mumbai Regional Office III
Sh S K Singh 8335080358 NA Chief Regional Manager
Smt. Mahua Nandy 8884499605 NA Regional Manager
Ms Kavita Londhe 7506345001 NA Manager
S W Sadkar 7506345089 NA Deputy Manager s w
Mumbai Corporate Office
Mr S Pain 8335080338 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr. S. Ganesh 7506345356 NA Regional Manager
Mr. Satish Gajanan Shinde 7506345125 NA Manager
MR. Vasant Dalal 7506345051 NA Administrative Officer
Mumbai Regional Office II
Mr. B L Sonkar 7506345242 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr K K Raina 7506345006 NA Regional Manager
Ms Usha Kosambi 7506345177 NA Deputy Manager
Pune Regional Office
Mr. Ravi S Iyer 9830856765 NA Chief Regional Manager ravi
Mr Ajay Nakhale 8411885988 NA Regional Manager
Ms. Anita Kalra 8558835361 NA Assistant Manager
Nagpur Regional Office
Mrs. G Sarala 8411886091 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr. S.K. Shende 8411885978 NA Regional Manager
Mr. A. S. Dahate 8411886040 NA Manager A S
Dr. Sheetal Bhopale 8411886090 NA Administrative Officer
Ahmedabad Regional Office
Mr. K B Raina 9643003237 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Lalit Chawla 9099998405 NA Regional Manager
Mr B C Dabhi 9099998450 NA Manager
Miss Nidhi B Sisodiya 9099948594 NA Administrative Officer
Mr B P Pathan 9099998610 NA Administrative Officer
Baroda Regional Office
Mr. P Upadhyay 8335080135 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr K C Khinchi 7665014694 NA Regional Manager
Mr Y D Dave 9099998417 NA Deputy Manager
Mr Sandip Roy 7069006728 NA Assistant Manager
Indore Regional Office
Mr A.K. Singh 8370008433 NA Deputy General Manager
Mr A. S. Grover 8558835334 NA Regional Manager
Mr Rahul S Maindola 7506345328 NA Asst. Manager
Delhi Regional Office IV
Mr V K Grover 9643003637 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Vinay Shukla 9643003611 NA Regional Manager
Mr Ravindra Bowgal 9643003587 NA Manager
Mr Sanjeev Sharma 9643003021 NA Assistant Manager
Delhi Regional Office I
Mrs. Nupur Nadda 8558834284 NA Deputy General Manager
Mr Anil Khanna 9643003533 NA Regional Manager (Joint- Incharge)
Ms Mamta Sagar 9643003534 NA Regional Manager (Joint- Incharge)
Ms Shalini Kumra 9643003407 NA Manager
Delhi Regional Office II
Mr P.C. Gothwal 9643003629 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr P.K. Sharma 9099998406 NA Regional Manager
Mr Sanjay Kumar Sharma 9643003491 NA Dy. Manager
Mr Manish Jaiswal 9643003349 NA Administrative Officer
Jaipur Regional Office
Mr J B Mahapatra 7665014672 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Shyam Kumar Gupta 7665014888 NA Regional Manager
Mr Ajay Kumar Verma 7665013599 NA Manager
Jodhpur Regional Office
Mr R S Chopra 8885599513 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr T R Bhati 7665013418 NA Manager
Delhi Regional Office III
Mr D K Sagar 9643003577 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr J K Virmani 8558834545 NA Regional Manager
Ms A Joshi 8558834726 NA Manager
Ms Neena 9643003442 NA Deputy Manager
Mr Ravi Drall 7704900438 NA Assistant Manager
Ludhiana Regional Office
Mr C K Verma 8558834546 NA Chief Regional Manager
Dr. J S Banga 8558835015 NA Regional Manager
Mr Virender Sharma 9643003023 NA Deputy Manager
Ms Priyanka Aneja 8558834900 NA Administrative Officer
Chandigarh Regional Office II
Mr N K Marwari 8411885846 NA Chief Regional Manager
Ms Rashmi Bajra 9643003441 NA Deputy Manager
Lucknow Regional Office
Mr Amit Srivastava 8392954304 NA Chief Regional Manager
Ms K Bharati 7704900247 NA Regional Manager
Ms Sunita Motwani 7704900123 NA Manager
Mr Ram Avtar 7704900347 NA Deputy Manager
Dehradun Regional Office
Mr M L Mangla 8392954328 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Manoj Kumar 8335080390 NA Deputy Manager
Mr Harpreet Singh 8558835157 NA Assistant Manager
Chennai Regional Office
Mr J Subbaraman 8335080320 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr K Ajay Kumar 8939845503 NA Regional Manager
Mr S Padmavathy 8939845755 NA Manager
Hyderabad Regional Office
Mr N L Venkatrao 7506345018 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr K C P Naik 7799904065 NA Manager
Vizag Regional Office
Mr Sudhakar Valluri 7799908112 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Y S N Reddy 7799907737 NA Deputy Manager
Mr Siva Prasad Chowdary 9099992518 NA Assistant Manager
Kochi Regional Office
Mr. C Sreenivasa Rao 7506345272 NA Deputy General Manager
Mr P Jayachandran 8589985332 NA Regional Manager
Mr G Jagadeesan 8939845773 NA Manager
Mr Vinisan Vijayan 8589985441 NA Assistant Manager
Dr Poornima U R 8884499440 NA Administrative Officer
Bangalore Regional Office
Mr P Chittaranjan 8335080171 NA Deputy General Manager
Ms Suseela M Abraham 8589985411 NA Regional Manager
Mr J Udaykumar 7799904199 NA Deputy Manager
Hubli Regional Office
Mr Subash Menon 8589985216 NA Chief Regional Manager
K Inbaraj 8939840288 NA Regional Manager
E Venu 8589985462 NA Manager
Madurai Regional Office
Sh S Akilan 8939845511 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr P A Joseph 8335080367 NA Regional Manager
Mr R Sethuraman 8939845811 NA Manager
Ms N Amruthashini 8939845125 NA Administrative Officer
Coimbatore Regional Office
Mr T R Ashok 7799900405 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr K Vijay 8939840905 NA Regional Manager
Ms Regina Ealias 8589985468 NA Manager
Ms. R Sujatha 8939845831 NA Deputy Manager
Ranchi Regional Office
Mr D S Pente 8405802610 NA Chief Regional Manager
Anup Dayal Xess 8370008421 NA Manager
Mr Vikram Bhawani Singh 9574221993 NA Asst. Manager
Raipur Regional Office
Ms S Choube 7506345012 NA Chief Regional Manager
Mr Subrata K Maji 8335080179 NA Regional Manager
Mr P S BINDRA 8370008754 NA Deputy Manager