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Top Executives

List of Top Executives at Head Office:

NameDepartmentTel No.
Fax No.
Email Address
Deputy General Manager
Shri Amitabha Mitra Health 22831705 22831705
Shri J. Sengupta Health
Shri P K Singh Estate & Estb 22831713
Smt Madhumita Chand SAM-D 22896343 22896343
Smt Sunita Tuli Nagpal Funds 22882652 22884855
Shri S Rasul Legal
Chief Manager
Smt Y Lama CMD's Sectt 22831738 22831738
Shri K. Vijay Vigilance 22880092 22880092
Shri R. Sundara Raman IT 22831728
Shri H. Venkatasubramanian Accounts 22622742
Shri P. A. Joseph Fire/Engg 22831726
Shri N. K. Mishra Investment
Smt Anita Das Technical - Health
Shri Lalit K. Aluria Marketing 22896311 22896311
Shri Shankar Krishnan Reinsurance
Shri Arvind Sharma TP